History of Carolina Coast Spiced Rum

Published by Broadslab Distillery

Carolina Coast Spiced Rum, harkens back to the days of the Rumrunners who historically frequented the Carolina coastline from which this molasses-based product got its name.

Carolina Coast Spiced Rum is born of a rich family heritage. Our craft has been honed for over 150 years, through five generations of my family. Both sides of my family have been a part of the colorful moonshining legacy of Johnston County, North Carolina's Famous "Broadslab" region.

Now we have channeled the cumulative knowledge, experience, and expertise of these generations into the production of a premium quality spiced rum. Our Carolina Coast Spiced Rum pays tribute to another heritage, one that reaches back beyond our own, to the 18th century.

Back to the days when commerce moved on wind powered vessels, the rum trade frequented our Carolina coastline, and rum runners were frequently the victims of the pirates of the Carolinas, who prized rum as both a liquid commodity and a pleasurable escape.

Today we hope our Carolina Coast Spiced Rum will reflect your own special memories of pleasurable times on the Carolina Coast. Our Carolina Coast Spiced Rum is artisan crafted of the finest natural ingredients. We start with premium, table grade molasses and pure granulated cane sugar. Then our Carolina Coast is distilled in our custom crafted, solid copper, pot still, at our distillery in Johnston County, NC. The key to Carolina Coast's distinctively unique flavor, and rich amber color, is our secret recipe of all natural spices and flavorings; which are enhanced to perfection by aging in charred oak. You will find Carolina Coast to be the perfect spirit for your favorite rum drinks and delightful simply on the rocks. Carolina Coast is hand bottled in small batches, in 750 mL glass bottles, corked, and wax sealed. It is packaged 6 bottles per case.

We take pride in using American made packaging and materials.

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