Servin' It Up: What Glassware Is "Right"?

Published by Broadslab Distillery

Whiskey enthusiasts are all about flavor. And the total impression of a whiskey’s flavor is defined by our senses of sight, taste, smell, textures, and temperature. When choosing a glass to enjoy your spirits from, there are differences in how your whiskey’s flavor is affected by the glassware you pour it into.

Each style of glassware allows the alcohol vapors of the whiskey to evaporate at different rates. These different evaporation rates allow your nose to detect, savor, enjoy, or even choose to by-pass the aromas the distiller intended. For example, the largest area of any given glass will promote the best evaporation; curved sides are made for better “swirling” which releases aromas; a neck to a glass “squeezes” aromas from the spirit below for a concentrated-effect; a flare above a neck quickly releases alcohol vapors; and a rim positions the nose for a “waterfall” of aroma and the mouth for a “waterfall” of taste!

So to either take advantage of the characteristics defined above or avoid them, there are many shapes of whiskey glasses on the market to chose from. But most can be separated into six distinct categories:

  1. Old-Fashioned Glass or Lowball: whiskey drinkers who like their drinks straight-up (without ice or additives) prefer this glass with straight-sides, a wide brim, and thick base.

  1. Rocks Glass: although the lowball (above) is sometimes used with ice, this is the best glass for those who like their whiskey on ice. It has a heavy base, a slightly tapered outside, and an inset taper on the inside to accommodate the ice that raises to the top.

  1. Shot Glass: to zip straight through to the feeling of your whiskey, a shot glass is the size of a single swallow, with a heavy base and easy taper for slamming it down!

  1. Highball Glass or Tumbler: is perfect for those who like to make mixed drinks with their whiskey. They stand tall for greater volume and provide sleek, straight sides for a perfect view to whatever “creation” you come up with.

  1. Snifter: usually used by brandy drinkers, these rounded, short-stemmed glasses are popular with whiskey drinkers who enjoy the “experience” of oxygenating their spirits by swirling and savoring the aroma.

  1. Glencairn: introduced in 2001 by a Scottish inventor, whiskey and whisky drinkers around the world have embraced this distinctive style of glass that has a wide bottom and a tapered top for increasing aroma to the nose.

With so many choices and ways to enjoy your whiskey, the ultimate decision is left to the consumer: how do you like your whiskey and what experience do you want to have when drinking it? Remember that the glassware you choose either enhances or detracts from your choice of experience, so explore your options—and enjoy your Premium Broadslab whiskies today!






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