Pass It On: Moonshine Through Generations

Published by Broadslab Distillery

What was passed down to you from your parents? What did their parents pass down to them? Antiques? Money? Land? Perhaps even their sense of humor?

When most people used to think of moonshine, they thought of mason jars filled with illicit alcohol distilled deep in the woods. But for many generations of families, moonshine was their meal ticket. And that legacy had to be protected for future generations by teaching the younger generation their family recipes. Making whiskey was more profitable than selling corn, and much easier to transport from rural to populated areas and through mountainous regions. Families developed recipes for whiskey using a variety of grains, and with each area producing different grains—recipes that came to define a region—and the families themselves.

Moonshine got its name from the families who made it in the woods, under the light of the moon to avoid liquor taxes, prohibition, and government regulation. In 1620, European settlers in Jamestown, Virginia adapted their ancestors’ whiskey recipes using the grains of the “new land of America.” Each family “passed down” their recipes to the next generation, thus preserving the heritage of moonshine itself well into the 21st century.

The “quiet crop” of liquor-filled mason jars that yielded such a high value was alluring throughout each generation—and hard to give up, in spite of government restrictions. Distilling out in the woods, late at night, was a rite of passage for each young person, as their parents showed them how to distill their family’s “special ‘shine”, as their parents did before them.

Now families can obtain permits to make their moonshine “legit.” Today’s generation of whiskey-makers at Broadslab Distillery have perfected their families’ craft, skills, and techniques for over five generations with a smooth, sweet taste that remains in demand today—just as it did generations ago.

We might not pass on our family’s “secret recipe” to you, but we can certainly pass on our legacy through the premium whiskies we distill today!


Please enjoy responsibly. 
If you break the seal, don’t get behind the wheel.

Broadslab Distillery produces natural, hand-crafted moonshine, whiskey and rum in Benson, NC. 
The American-made spirits are gluten-free and made without the use of anything artificial. It’s the real deal.