Shooting Creek: The Secret Flow

Published by Broadslab Distillery

Ever wish there was a continually-flowing fount of whiskey? Perhaps out of a tap in your kitchen, man-cave, or wet-bar?

While this would be a dream come true for whiskey aficionados, something close did once exist.  It was called Shooting Creek. 

Tucked deep in the ragged, mountainous hills in southwest Virginia, a crooked, craggily, winding creek extended for several miles from a spring at the top of a mountain down to the rocky and muddy road below. From the last 1800s to the mid 1930s, moonshiners hid their stills from the law along this inconspicuous flow of water and off into the woods on either side. 

The Center for Documentary Studies sums it up best: “For struggling hillside farmers, moonshine was a path out of poverty. For powerful men, it was an opportunity to get rich on the backs of those farmers. In the most mountainous parts of the county, nearly every farming family was involved in the making and selling of illegal whiskey.”

It was easy to get lost in those steep hills. Shooting Creek provided the perfect “path” to follow to get supplies to the stills and the shine down the hills. Its remote location was intimidating to navigate and the height of the terrain prevented the sun from shining on many of the areas along the creek. Shooting Creek provided the water for the stills, with homemade pipelines extending for many yards to the nearest flat area for the still to work. It was a perfect set-up; and all of the families involved knew their livelihoods were dependent upon that creek flowing—and no outsiders knowing.

Shooting Creek is now only a bygone reminder of an exciting era in moonshining history—a winding paved highway replaced the muddy dirt road—and now there is even a Bed & Breakfast nearby celebrating that Shooting Creek heritage. A popular fiddle tune still played in the region is called Shooting Creek, paying homage to a heritage and a lifestyle of generations of farmers that once was a significant part of their lives.

So cheers to Shooting Creek! A lot of people from many parts of Appalachia passed down their recipes through their family just like the recipes we use here at Broadslab came from generations of our family before us. We are proud of our heritage, as all moonshiners are and the result of those years spent perfecting our whiskies are present in our premium offerings today: our Legacy Shine and Legacy Reserve are two great examples. Pick up a bottle of Broadslab today—and enjoy a step back in time—and the fact that you don’t have to hide from revenuers!


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