It's Not Your Grandfather's Whiskey...Or Is It?

Published by Broadslab Distillery

When you think about moonshine, you probably imagine crudely made stills hidden in the woods, prohibition era moon runners driving cars of homemade shine, and secret speakeasies, trying to avoid detection from the law.

Once upon a time, that was the reality of moonshine. During prohibition, while all alcohol was illegal, a group of gentlemen crafted their own whiskey recipe in a homemade still located in the heart of Johnston County, NC.  Their drive to perfect their moonshine craft -- mixed with their American born rebellious streak -- lead to the creation of the smoothest, hand crafted moonshine whiskey around.

Our Smooth Whiskey History

More than five generations after that first still was built, we opened the doors at  Broadslab Distillery. As a tribute to the legacy of Leonard A. Wood, the grandfather to owner and current master distiller, Jeremy Norris, Broadslab Distillery is proud to stand in the very location our family's own stills once stood. Leonard Wood passed along his work ethic to his grandson, as well as the carefully honed recipe to create the smooth  moonshine whiskey Broadslab Distillery is now known for creating. At Broadslab, we only sell smooth, authentic moonshine and take care to use only the best ingredients in our cherished family recipe. When your bottle has the Broadslab label, you can be guaranteed to enjoy a smooth, delicious moonshine whiskey.  

Modern Distilling, Traditional Techniques

Many modern distilleries use a commercial grade distilling unit, which allows them to create more whiskey in less time and in larger amounts. At Broadslab Distillery though, it is believed cutting corners to make some extra dollars is not how spirits should be served. 

The heart and soul of moonshine whiskey is created in the traditional process and aged to perfection over dedicated time and patience. That is why Broadslab Distillery uses a 500-gallon hand-crafted solid copper pot still to distill smooth, clean moonshine whiskey with the same recipe and in the same type of still generations past used.

Long ago, when moonshine was first getting started, pioneers of moonshine making quickly learned some metals left a horrible aftertaste to the moonshine. They discovered that copper and stainless steel leave no aftertaste and thus became the preferred materials for stills. While Jeremy’s grandfathers didn't know it at the time, their preference for using a copper still actually has a modern scientific explanation for providing a better, smoother, authentic whiskey taste that we continue to follow today.

Science And Moonshine

You want to get your whiskey from a distiller that invests in copper stills, such as Broadslab Distillery, because the copper actually cleans and purifies the taste of the whiskey during the distilling process. The fermenting yeast creates the whiskey alcohol, but also creates a byproduct-sulfur. Sulfur leaves strong “rotten egg” smell to your whiskey, and mess up the smooth taste.

Copper stills, though far more expensive, solve the sulfur problem! The copper still will create a molecular bond creating copper sulfate out of the sulfur, causing it to stick to the walls of the copper still, and NOT stay in the whiskey. Because of the copper still, the sulfur is completely filtered out of the whiskey, guaranteeing you only get the finest, smoothest whiskey in your Broadslab label-and no displeasing aftertaste.

We have chosen to follow the passed down “rule” of building stills with copper.  Our grandfathers didn't know it, but they were on to something scientific when they realized the best, smoothest whiskey came from a copper still. And, w're continuing that tradition. You'll taste it in all our products.

Moonshine Whiskey

Truly refined moonshine no longer has to be created in hidden stills; it is now available for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Traditional, hand-crafted moonshine whiskey perfection lives on through the methods and age old recipes passed down to Jeremy Norris-and now shared with you. All of us at Broadslab Distillery welcome you to come enjoy the distinct smooth flavor perfected over five generations of moonshine master distillers. 

And remember to enjoy responsibly.  


Please enjoy responsibly. 
If you break the seal, don’t get behind the wheel.

Broadslab Distillery produces natural, hand-crafted moonshine, whiskey and rum in Benson, NC. 
The American-made spirits are gluten-free and made without the use of anything artificial. It’s the real deal.